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"Since the compliance process is cleaned up and so much more efficient, getting the information to staff to use is natural, employees simply need to click a mouse to find the information they need. This is what compliance was supposed to be about."
Palomar Health


Compliance management is often a painful, time-consuming and expensive process laden with risk exposure. Heavily regulated industries like healthcare, banking and aerospace are searching for new ways to deal with mounting compliance regulation.

Few manual processes and document management systems create true compliance readiness. Without an advanced and automated infrastructure, compliance information is distributed, but isn't easy for staff to find and use. Policies aren't integrated with operations. Too much time and resources are spent managing compliance and the risk of non-compliance remains high.

Play Smart

The Lucidoc Compliance Management Solution is different. Validated and used at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lucidoc is uniquely designed to completely automate the compliance process to reduce the human burden. The system's Google-like search and access capabilities ensure organization-wide compliance readiness. Lucidoc provides a comprehensive compliance management solution, where all your compliance documentation, including policies, procedures, protocols, contracts, and process documents, are managed with integrated competency tracking to ensure that your organization is always audit-ready.

Welcome to the future of compliance management, where the vision is simple: organization-wide compliance confidence created through the use of the right technology to develop a compliance-based infrastructure and culture.