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Lucidoc customers always have a voice, and here's what they're saying:

"With more than 8,000 documents and hundreds of processes, we needed a system that could manage it all while adhering to our process-based management and ISO 9000 procedures. Only the Lucidoc solution was sophisticated enough to streamline and integrate the process into the lifecycle of each document."

- Retired Chief Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"Great Product, Great Team! THANK YOU to Kim MacKay and team for making our experience with efficient document management so memorable. Your commitment to document integrity and willingness to share best practices has been exceptional! Timely assistance with training during our implementations has been delivered with optimism, patience, and encouragement, which has been so valuable to our employees. THANK YOU for making policy management seem easy!"

- Teresa Laws, MSA, BSN, RN, Sr. Clinical Performance Improvement Specialist, Adventist Health

"Lucidoc provides excellent customer service. They have always been very prompt when responding to requests for assistance. I also really like that they are always open to hearing suggestions for enhancing their product."

- Julie Hagglund, RN, BSN, Policy and Procedure Coordinator, Evergreen Healthcare

"The greatest change that management has observed is how we have moved from a verbal culture to a reference culture, which is why it makes sense to have all policies and procedures online. Now we simply tell the employee to look it up using the online system, knowing they are accessing the most current information."

- Director of Quality Resources, Skagit Valley Health

"Avoiding just one-sanction pays for the system ten times over both in terms of cost and time saved. For us, implementing the Lucidoc system was the obvious choice."

- CFO, Parkview Medical Center

"The value that this technology has brought to our bank, compared to the flat monthly service fee that Lucidoc charges, is simply amazing. Having Google-like capability for everything everyone in the bank needs to know just can't be beat."

- Senior Vice President, Anchor Bank

Why our customers love us: